Pilling Puppers

  A quick Google search shows "about 10,700 results" for that  only-funny-if-it's-not-you story about giving a cat a pill.
  The best ones end with a line about how to give a pill to your dog: wrap it in the dog's favorite food.
        Or any food.
              Or just toss it.
  Puppers has usually been like that, until

Sign up Day

  Today is sign-up day for next year's insurance plan at MyGuy's place of employment.
  i had just put the footrest up on the recliner & prepared to start my project last night when he politely asked me if we could talk more about it.
  "Is Max going to be on our insurance plan this year?"

Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Max-Scrapbook Page

  While this was a team project, it was more Max's work than a lot of pages we've made together. 
  At first i really didn't like this one.  Then i understood what he was trying to accomplish here: