December 31: The 6th Day of Christmas

Who are these men? Why are they here?
Do they mock me?
I am the only King in Judea!
A usurper they seek? They wish to worship him?
We'll see about that.

December 30: The 5th Day of Christmas


Palace guests are not especially unusual.
An entourage, however, is something totally different.
So many men! So exotic!
Someone said they were from the East.
Someone said they were seeking a newborn King of the Jews.
There's gonna be trouble.

   --from aServant in Herod's household    

December 29: The Fourth Day of Christmas

From the time Gabriel came
Nothing was the same.
A babe, when i know not a man?
Truly the ways of Adonai
are wonderful, unknowable
. . . even strange.

December 28: The Third Day of Christmas


We watch.
Kings we are not,
Though you may call us so.
Reading the prophecies
Collected wisdom of the world.
We knew
The time was here,
The time for the Promised One to come.
Balaam told us first to look for a star ~
You doubt? Your science does not know all!
Dan'el showed us where and when to come.
A fit place for the King of the Jews.

December 27: The Second Day of Christmas

          --Luke the Researcher/Writer Weighs In

In Philippi
The demon-possessed slave girl prattled good news,
Ceaselessly, unknowingly.
Vacated, she had nothing to say.

Paul, hit by divinely-touched sparks,
blesses us with sermons for the ages.

The mother of our Lord ponders.
Not for her the quick, glib turn of phrase,
But she meditates deeply.

I knew I needed her words
to tell the carefully researched story
of the Lord.
Even after all these years,
she haltingly recounts the events.

          She is a necessary witness.

December 26: The First Day of Christmas

The Shepherds Rejoice

Wake up, Bethlehem!
He's here!
Our promised Savior has arrived!
The LORD's angel told us
And it is so. Truly the LORD is doing a new thing.
He has sent our our Savior to
Not the palaces of Jerusalem,
But to a stable in Bethlehem.

Isaiah 43:18,19; Micah 5:2,5a

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The Beginning of the 12 Days Poem


After Gabriel came
Adonai curled around me
And in me.
Nothing was the same.
i thought i had lived before ~
He brought me wild,
Abundant, full Life.

Now Joseph
Has brought fresh straw.
i lie back,
Cradling Adonai's Son
Curled against my breast -
Peace and calm reign.
We begin new life.

Coming Soon: The Twelve Days of Christmas

  Recently my writers' group had a lovely Christmas dinner together at Shepherd's Gate Inn.  We were asked to  bring a Christmas poem to share.  One we'd writen ourselves.
  It's been, well, almost since high school since i wrote a poem.  If anything

Sandwich & Eyesight

Written Wednesday
  In updating this blog today, i realized it's been awhile since i added a daily life/ conversation with Max story.
  Tonight we had dinner from Subway. 

The Most Important Book of 2013

  A few years ago i was hearing a lot about how midcareer adults, as new teachers, could save kids and American Education As A Whole from the mess that All Those Bad Teachers had gotten us into.
  i know one of those.  She would love to do something else, but

Wordless Wednesday: Photo Shoot with Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine, Harold the Helicopter on the roof, and nameless Hospital Truck outside the Hospital.  Pastel sketch from Yugoslavia slide is background