Wordless Wednesday: Eclipse Watching

If you look VERY carefully, you can see my pinhole in the foil and its "reflection," for lack of a better term, on the white cardboard.  Max was underwhelmed.

What sort of an email is this?

  Some people don't accept calls when they don't recognize the number on caller ID.  Some people don't accept emails from strangers or comments on their blog.
  i get that.  Really i do.  But

Wordless Wednesday: Castle or Palace?

Hohenzollern Castle: never used as fortress, but built where former castles WERE
Everybody's Favorite Fairy Tale Castle, Newschwanstein, a mad king's fantasy

Painting Retreat, April 2018

Finally! i've coordinated the dates, and got them here.
April 8-12, 2018
That's the dates of the Indy Decorative Artists' Spring Fling Retreat. i just got the packet asking teachers to submit projects.  Yes, the process is long!  
There's more information, including links, in my Page (see above!).  It's going to be so much fun!