Wordless Wednesday: Anticipation Creation

Often a napkin will rip when i draw on it, but this gelpen was smooth, the creative jiuces flowed just right, and i was unusually pleased with the result, drawn in maybe 2 minutes while waiiting for lunch.

Wordless Wednesday/More From the Scrapbook: Mess Call and other WWII Training Scenes

This page was made before i had any idea at all of the timeline.  The meal on the upper right is a regular Sunday dinner, when most guys have gone home, but when i looked for it, i thought it was a Thanksgiving dinner shot.

Wordless Wednesday: Stepping Stones

As i find it harder & harder to walk, MyGuy makes some changes.  The paver tiles are available at local home improvement stores for under $1, though the availability of particular stones varies.  A couple of years ago, we got smooth grey pavers to help Puppers (and me) over taller steps; awhile back the red ones were available; and most recently MyGuy was able to reuse some for a very short rise which is becoming difficult.

The Autism Society's Holiday Catalog

  When Max was preschool age, we attended monthly meetings of the Autism Society.  Good times.  It's great to be with friends who understand what you're going through, though it may have been stressful for the hosts of our group, with 20some autistic preschoolers running around their house!
  Times changed, and meetings got difficult to attend, but i still sort of keep up with the larger group.  A recent email announced something new for them:
The Autism Society of America is excited to introduce our first Holiday Catalog Online Store that will provide a wonderful listing of holiday gifts. The catalog will include:

Wordless Wednesday: Night Visitor

Puppers has been visiting my dreams.  Not changiing what happens in them, just running around being charming.  Love it.

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: French Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral, 1976, from the edge of town

One of those Photos my friends thought i shouldn't take: One of the gorgeous, famous stained glass windows in the cathedral - not enough detail to determine which