Life with Max

  There is more to autism awareness than lighting it up blue  and wearing a puzzle ribbon.
  In addition to general information about autism and disabilities, i want to share specifics of life with a young autistic person.  This is not easy to do.  It is of necessity very slanted and personal, from my own point of view, yet i need to be fair to Max, to other family members, and to the service personnel we encounter.
  Actually, i don't think it's possible for me to tell of Max's point of view.  One mom of a more verbal young man with autism tells her that she is always getting it wrong.  No doubt i will/would too.   i'll try to avoid that, and pray that someday Max will have the communication skills to tell me that i did indeed get it wrong. Or maybe right.
   "Look Me in the Eye" and NatKat blogs will give you viewpoints of highly verbal individuals with autism.
  Here you will find my journey as Max's mom.  i probably won't share on this as often as other topics, as often as i need to, because these posts are far more labor-intensive, not to mention gut-wrenching.  And you'll certainly find many of them tedious and frustrating to read.  That is part of my life. 
  Welcome to truly raised awareness, but remember that this is only one individual's point of view.  Just as everyone is different, everyone with autism is different, and their families are different.

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