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  1. Current Happenings/Events
  2. What You Will NOT Find Here
  3. Organizations that i wish to support publicly
Currently on the Calendar:
  • Indy Decorative Artists' 2018 HandPainted Quilt is in process.  The squares for our 2017 quilt, Butterflies, are are with the quilters, ready to be assembled.  If you would like an opportunity to own the current one, visit us at the Indiana State Fair.. Or you can email me, and i'll share with you about our tickets.  Half our proceeds go to Riley Hospital for Children.
  • The Heartland Christian Writers' Group not only has published Stories from the Heartland, but a second anthology is now available. 
    Hodgepodge: An Anthology by the Heartland Christian Writers  From the back cover: A collection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose, this book is truly what the title suggests: a hodgepodge of literary delight.
  • The membership year for The Society of Decorative Painters is now one year from the date of joining..  Some state have many chapters and others have few or none;  Indy Decorative Artists  is the chapter in Indiana.  There are international chapters, too.
  •  Indy Decorative Artists's 32nd Annual painters retreat will be April 3-5, 2017 early April, 2018, details to follow, at 
    The Seasons Lodge, 560 IN-46, Nashville, IN 47448, (812) 988-2284
      Nonmembers welcome; email me for details!   Reservations to be made directly through the Inn; mention us for the special rate!
  • The 46th Annual Society of Decorative Painters Conference & Expo will take place May 8-12, 2018 at the  Ocean Center, Daytona Beach in Daytona, FL. Online registration will likely open in December.

What you won't find here:
  • my churches
  • my schools
  • my kids' schools
The reason for this is not that i do not wish to support them publicly.  Rather, being comprised of imperfect human beings, i will need to say embarrassing things about these institutions in the context of telling my story.  Since impressions, often negative, can be formed from these brief mentions, i prefer to keep their anonymity instead of showing my loyalty to them.
If you are truly interested, it's out there.

  In no particular, possibly ever-changing, order:

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