Not everyone's an escapist. . . .

  Here in Indiana this week, things look kinda like the first picture, except way colder than when i took it, back in January 2013.
  After our session, Ms Tutor and i were joking about being tired of the cold.  We said,

Wordless Wednesday: Day in the Park, revisited

My escapism from the snow won't go as far as Hawaii this time!

Saturday Sisters: Phoebe

Who was Phoebe anyway? This is the only place we hear of her in Scripture:
I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a servant of the church, which is at Cenchrea; Romans 16:1

Wordless Wednesday: Dogloo

i finally convinced MyGuy that Puppers' house was no longer weather-worthy.

no, the back wall wasn't down until AFTER it was replaced!

article which may be helpful

a lot has changed since this 1940s graduation

From my IN*Source e-newsletter, a link about the latest education law and its effect on special education:
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