Memorial Day Wordless Wednesday

My Dad at StAugustine
While he later saw StAugustine while visiting his brother, this would have been during his own service, during WWII.  Later he did not want to speak of his war experiences, but the photos of his basic training days show guys having a lot of fun.

Taking Guardianship of Max, Part 3

Our Court Date

  On the appointed afternoon, the five of us, MyGuy, Nicole Goodson the lawyer, our friend D____, and me with Max, met in the City County Building.
  After several years, my memory is a little hazy of some details.  There was some waiting time in a different room.  Nicole was great at walking us through what we should expect.

  A surprise 

was that the city provided someone to sit with us, looking after Max's interests.  Because unfortunately parents don't always.  She mostly just sat there in our case, but i suppose in other situations she would be more active.
  At the given time, we all moved into the courtroom.  The judge entered.  He had some questions to ask, and we answered.  It was relatively painless, in one sense.
  On the other hand

Taking Guardianship of Max: Part 2

  When we were ready to take guardianship of Max. i was disappointed that we needed to bring our potentially volatile son with us.

Bad Attitude

  That was actually the wrong attitude for me to take.  It is a scary thing to have our rights of self-determination taken from us.  Having Max present is our government's way of protecting us, of protecting Max, from possibly unscrupulous parents taking advantage of him.
  Sometimes making the humongous, idiotic mistakes parents want to protect us from can be the making of us.  Sometimes parents do want to take guardianship to keep control of a kid's  - or an elder's - finances.
  Well, MyGuy and i knew we weren't such parents.   Lawyer Nicole felt satisfied, from her interviews of us, that we weren't.
  Nevertheless, that was the situation, and i needed to deal with it.
  MyGuy, lawyer Nicole, and i were going to need to be involved in the legalities of the court procedings.  Usually dealing with Max would fall to me, and i needed this to not happen.
  i don't remember who proposed this.  My solution was

Taking Guardianship of Max, Part 1

  When a kid turns 18, he is considered to be of age, and suddenly fully responsible for all consequences of his actions. 

  We see how well that works out when we read the news and see how some college kids handle their new-found freedom.  Even if he wants to marry someone totally unsuitable and move halfway across the country, when he's 18, that's his right.  If she wants to sleep until 4pm and remain unemployed, all we can say is, "Not under my roof."
  But what about our kids with special needs?  The ones who, because of neural or  mental impairments, will say "yes" because they don't understand, or because they simply think you want them to?

Life on the Computer Farm: More Security Issues

 i first opened my main email address in 1998.  i'm still using it, and in all that time, i've never changed the password, which is was two innocuous four letter words, no number, no symbol, innocent enough that a child could speak them to Grandma.
  It worked well enough as long as i only opened the account at home, where the computers were only seen by family and maintained by the Serious Pro (MyGuy), who says

The Night Sky Revisited

Thank you, Indianapolis Marion County Public Library.
After reading Maria Sutton's excellent book earlier this year, i asked our library to order a copy.
i just received an email that they did.  It is on their shelves, ready for me to pick up my "hold."  i never placed a hold on it, but i do know the rules about holds, so i will check it out this weekend!
And soon thereafter, it will be available for anyone in Indianapolis to enjoy.

Saturday Sisters: Lois

From the occasional series ~~~
Paul came also to Derbe and to Lystra. And a disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer, but his father was a Greek.
Acts 16:1

Lois's story is told in only two verses, yet it is one with which many of us can identify. We know her in her roles as mother and grandmother.
How many of us tend to see ourselves in terms of those hearts walking around outside our bodies, also known as our children?
It takes a few seconds to read either of these verses, and realize that Lois was a woman of great faith, who passed on her faith to her child and grandchild. Could Lois have possibly known when Eunice married a Greek man, worshipper of Zeus and Mercury, that her grandchild would leave such a testimony? Even if she did realize the possibility, she would have understood that Eunice's role in raising this child would be harder than if she had married within her own faith.
And no doubt Lois was right there, faithfully praying and helping. Perhaps, as we women do, she was getting underfoot a bit in the younger family's household.

Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. Psalm 34:11NASB

Lois was a believer, but it must have broken her heart when her daughter married an unbeliever. Yet her grandson is remembered for his Christian faith, "which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice. . . " II Timothy 1:5

Almost Wordless Wednesday:Passion

Sometimes i can be easily discouraged from doing something.  But not when i'm passionate about the thing.
i wanted to capture the amazing fumerole
AND read the words on the sign.
It didn't look possible, but i tried anyway.
Can you read it?
You may need to click  on the photo to enlarge.
Ask for what you want anyway, even when "the rules"  say don't.
i guess i've always been this way.
Swiss-Italian Border, 1976
shot with Kodak Instamatic 

This is the shot my friends said
 would be a waste of film:
The reflection of the above view,
 from a plate glass window.
Of course, you don't always come up winners.  The Europe scrapbook has a piece of pattern paper to show the shot i attempted from the top of the Empire State Building.  At night.  But you can't get what you need if you don't try..  . 

A Fork and a Guy in War Paint and a Super'

  This weekend i attended the Indiana PTA state convention.
  There was so much worthwhile, and fun, going on.
  "Lady Gaga" came to promote PTA.
The shirts say, "Real Men Join PTA".
   A guy in war paint told us about the strengths and weaknesses of our personality types.
 Our State Superintendent  Tony Bennett joined us for more than a couple of minutes, introducing the Parent Pledge Initiative.  Our state PTA President Barry Jones and Tarik Glenn signed large copies before us all.

 i couldn't begin to list all the help i got uniquely suited to me and our unit.
 Here, however, i want to spotlight a brief film shown Saturday night.  Take a look.

The Lunch Date

What is It? Art and Communication

The Vase/Face Illusion

  You've seen this illusion before.  Are you looking at two faces in profile, or is it a stemmed glass?

The Life Correlation

Wordless Wednesday

Stormy Night
Taken 5/1/2012
Reflections in Driveway Puddles
of course, the resolution is good enough to see my "camera housekeeping," but not the actual reflections, which show up plainly in larger views.  Sorry!
To thank you for clicking,
here's one of our iris as well.