News for You

From my IN*Source e-newsletter, here are a few links you may be interested in.

Passed on from Disability Scoop, this article tells about a federal push for greater inclusion in preschools, with links to the why and a policy statement.  While it does ask for public comment, the deadline unfortunately expired a week before i received this.  Another referenced article from DS encourages special education services for those who are gifted as well as disabled.
Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services has a short video overviewing their services and how to get connected.
Also, Hands in Autism has several ongoing, 10-15 minute surveys.   You may want to check them out!

Wordless Wednesday: Binder Library

i've found that putting books & papers into binders is a good way to keep them.  i can file like subjects together, & label the back.

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: IL 47

  After negotiating toll roads in rush hour traffic & heavy rain Monday (including the worst of traffic & rain by O'Hare!), i was determined to avoid all tolls

Stress, Language, Progress

  John Elder Robison wrote recently about how functional levels change with time.  He copes better now with the stresses of life; some might even say he is no longer autistic.
  But the image comes with a price, as well as benefits.
  This is not a post about Mr. Robison.  He speaks well for himself, and others.  This post is about Max.

A Couple Articles from my Inbox

The Arc of Indiana shares about their training institute.  Maybe Max can work there someday.
And, as usual, Natalie ("NatKat921) shares an insightful view about an autism in the news article.

Useful Tips

Maze adapted from "Nutty Squirrel Maze" at

  When Max was first diagnosed with autism, one of the first things we did was begin participating with the local Autism Society.  While we haven't kept up with the local connection for a long time, they are still a valuable resource.
  Here are two articles i received in today's email from them:
Social Coaching Strategies
ABA and Running Off (Eloping)