Saturday Sisters: "All Things"

   We're told "All things work together for good."  But that's not exactly what we see when we look around.  Sometimes it's kinda ugly.
  "All things work together for good for those who love God," well, sign me up, but does that really mean life will be perfect?

Signs of the Times: Hope and Promise in 1939

  We think of 1939 as the prelude to WWII.  Germany overruning Europe, turning on its allies while under the influence of a madman leading a Holocaust.
  But there was more to the year than that.

A Day in the Life

  My friend Lisa once said that i could accomplish more in my nightgown before breakfast than she could all day.
  Yeah, well, you be the judge.
  In my ideal life, i would go to bed between midnght and 2am, then get up no earlier than 9.
  In my REAL life, on a good day, i can sleep in until 8:30 am.

Sunday Doodle and Booktalk

  Today's Sunday school lesson was in the 2nd chapter of Genesis, about the creation of the first woman.  We touched on marriage and what it should be.
  i was reminded