Saturday Sisters - Mary

an occasional series of meditations

"How can this happen?" Mary asked the angel. . . .Luke 1:34a,38, NIrV

   She said yes. 
    In the middle of her ordinary life, an angel appeared, told her of the impending miracle, gave her a choice:
                Will you give God His way in your life?
    Did she think, at that moment, what it would cost her?
    She knew that, in the normal course of things, what the angel proposed was impossible, but she also knew that, with God, all things are possible.  Didn't He make humans out of dirt?  And the dirt itself out of nothing? 
    Did she realize that, if she of great faith wondered how it was possible, the rest of her world would consider her an immoral, lying fool?  That her fiance, that just, honest Joseph, would be repulsed, would seriously consider how best to break things off with her? 
    Maybe at that moment, all she knew was that the God of the universe was inviting her to become part of something bigger than herself.
    And that He would be with her through whatever came.
"I serve the Lord," Mary said.  "May it happen to me just as you said it would."Luke 1:38a, NIrV
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, 
and the weakness of God is stronger than men. . . .  
that no man should boast before God.

                               I Corinthians 1:25,29

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