Color Wheel: Art With Max?

  Max can watch me do art all day. 
   Earlier this week i received ths  free color wheel download from a blog i subscribe to & remembered i wanted to share these with you.
  i've been tryng
to work through Eileen Prince's book, Art is Fundamental, with Max.  What actually happens is, i work and he watches. 
  Prince has an entire curriculum of great art ideas.  One of her books looks too teacher-y for me to use, another, more like something i would have used possibly as a homeschooling mom with more typical kids, but this one, Fundamental, outlines her entire curriculum in a general way.  It  looks quite doable.  i've had them all from the library, and purchased this one.
  One of Prince's  points is that the Crayola 24 pack, alone of all the crayons on the market, has a complete color wheel in it.  There are extra colors (black, white, gray, brown, pink), but you can indeed color a perfect wheel with only the ones in the box.
  Nifty galifty.
  And it's lots of fun to find a template to print.  i can't find the ones i used just now, but here are some interesting possibilities:

A basic one
Collage lesson; click to template
Looks like, but isn't, the prism-y one i used
The Sneaker Color Wheel
Venn diagram "wheel"
If you want to make a 2piece color wheel
       Just a tiny sampling of what's out there! 

Not a template, but some gorgeous examples
Wikipedia Colorwheel Basics

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