Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Pencil Play

  i've been working hard with my colored pencils,
mostly Prismacolors, lately (actually getting transition & healthcare stuff done too, but i try not to think about that!)

Art Exercises from a Book

  One of the books in  my stack is Art Escapes, by Dory Kanter.  She's got lots of fun ideas.  One of them involves taking your watercolors & separating them into 4 triads of colors, so that you can take just 3 on sketch trips with you instead of a whole collection.

Watercolors to Colored Pencils

  But i want to use a dry medium, & colored pencils are my choice.  So i've been trying to interpret her colorwheels & Provence sketches into the triads of mostly Winsor & Newton watercolors.
i colored the little tags on a 9x12 sheet, then Max helped me cut them out.  When cut, i laid possible matches on Dory Kanter's color wheel in the book..  Triangle shapes are "full spectrum" triads, circles represent "sun" triads, to use on bright days,squares are "earth," and the squiggly ones are part of the "water" triad.
In these two, i am trying out my matches, trying to get it right.  To get to this point was the work of Sunday afternoon & evening.
  The first two color wheel pages took all afternoon & evening.  The second set of pages were done in just a couple of hours.

 Purpose: Portability + Function

First i did the little scenes on the right, including one where i mixed up triad colors.  i'm very happy with the Sun triad i came up with, but a couple of the others don't look right, so i tried again on the right.  Both pages took about 4 hours. 
   Next, i try my own scenes. 

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