Sandwich & Eyesight

Written Wednesday
  In updating this blog today, i realized it's been awhile since i added a daily life/ conversation with Max story.
  Tonight we had dinner from Subway. 
i would've been content to eat at home, but we've fallen into the habit of eating out when Max & i are alone.
i said "Subway sound good?  Or would you like to make another suggestion?"
 He looked as if he might, but one of the things we're working on is initiative.  He didn't make another suggestion, nor did he stay stuck long before saying, "Subway."
  i said, "Shall we eat there, or bring it home & watch Wheel of Fortune while we have it?
  This was more problematic.  Eat there, good;  miss Wheel, bad.  i could see HIS wheels turning before he said, "Bring it home."

Once there, it was, as always, a struggle to get his order across.  Ordertakers will always ask Max's companion what he's trying to say.  i try, but it's impossible to stay out of it, especially when the line is backing up.
  This counter clerk was especially good about talking to Max, and eventually got her information directly from him.  The line went from nothing to five or six, but that's the way it goes.
  Max needs to express himself for himself, at a volume people can hear, not a whisper.
  Overall he did okay.  And if all cashier clerks were as good with him as this one, we'd be a lot better off - though she too had room to improve.

  We do homework after dinner.  It's a legacy of Snowbird Speech Therapist.  MyGuy works from the book still, but i change it up.  Tonight we continued our theme of learning about the eye.  Last time i found some printables, but tonight i decided to go for online games.  If you want to to this, the National Eye Institute has good ones.  We did Parts of the Eye and Optical Illusions.  The word matching activity, he even did twice.  And i think Max was understanding the concepts better than with printables.

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