Saturday Sisters: Sharing Our Testimony

  So many of us KNOW what Jesus has done for us but have a hard time sharing.  Yesterday i got in my inbox a link to Liz Curtis Higgs' article, telling how she shared the difficult story of her own past with her children.

   Deuteronomy 11  shows Moses addressing the people before entering the land.  He reminds them that their children do not know, have not seen, God's power as they have seen it.  It is important for them to tell their children every day what God has done, so that they will understand why He has requirements of them. The specific promises and consequences given are for Israel, but the principles apply to all God's people:
  Later, Scripture tells us that :
"...there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord, nor yet the work which He had done..."
  What has Jesus done for me?  Can i break down my wall of privacy to share it?

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