For Want of a Med. . . .

  i have gotten good at editing out traffic in the photos.  It looks like we don't have any, doesn't it?
  That would, of course, be a lie.  i just don't like to look at other people's cars in my photos.
  This story is about very real traffic.

It Starts with a Pill

  People with autism often require medication to help them mesh well with the rest of us.  It's said that stressed women go shopping and eat chocolate, and stressed men drink alcohol and invade countries.
  Like many people today, with and without autism, Max and i take medications.  The one i am talking about, and not naming, here, is very powerful, very expensive, and somewhat controversial.
  It seems the best alternative for Max at the moment.

The Boon and Bane: Insurance

  At the price of this medication, it's hard to imagine how he could be taking it without our insurance.  (the company does have an assistance program, and Medicaid will help too.)
  At the beginning of the year, we have a 20% copay.
  Then we reach a certain dollar amount, and it's free, or at least no out of pocket.
  Then we reach the limit, and the rest of the year, it's like the insurance doesn't know us.  We got into that with speech recently.
  And now this.
  We learned of the phone message after the pharmacy closed Sunday evening.  The ever-helpful website only told us that both of the prescriptions they had on file were too old to fill.
  So how old is too old?  One of them had to be three months or less.  Both had refills on them.
  The pharmacy opened Monday at the same time as Max was due at "Company A," but i went by the pharmacy first.  If we couldn't have a refill, this would be two days without.  (and i don't know why MyGuy didn't try while it was open Sunday; i don't handle Max's meds except when he's not here.  Less confusion, usually.)

Report at the Drugstore

  Max's medication is not one of those they can advance us one with.  Controlled substance, or something.  They would have to wait until the doctor called.
  Very busy day; it was after 4 before i could get back with them.
Max had a decent day at "Company A."

Getting Mail and Paper

  When we got home, i suggested Max might want to cross the street to get the mail and paper.
  We often do this.  In the past few years, as his traffic skills have increased, we've moved from i hold his hand, to i walk with him, to i wait beside the road, to sometimes i just watch from the front porch.
  Usually he does very well with watching.  He does not watch as well when he's upset.
  Did i mention he takes this med to help him stay calm and in control?
  Maybe this was not the day to cross the street, but on the other hand, a side effect is weight gain, and this is about the only form of exercise i can get out of him.
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