Another Post about Commenting

  Usually it's weeks in between someone trying to leave a comment on the wonder-full blog.   
  i would like to converse with ya'll, but it seems

Wordless Wednesday: Arriving in Italy, 1976

According to my notes, this is after we got off the boat in Bari, Italy, but there's several other places it could be.  My slide tray of Europe pics got dropped a few times, and this shot, while pretty, isn't distinctive enought to shout its location.

January 5: The 11th Day of Christmas

Adonai, forgive
Forgive my doubt, my panic.
i cannot say anything but yes.
To say no is to lose You.
Though You slay me, i am Yours,
Body and soul.
           Mary, after pondering Simeon's and Anna's messages
Job 13:15

January 3: The Ninth Day of Christmas

Who is this old man?
Who is this Babe?
Many fall and rise? Salvation to Gentiles too?
A sword pierce my soul?
What have i gotten into?
Adonai, is it too late to change all this?
i thought we'd come through the rough part!

January 2: The Eighth Day of Christmas

And now
I have seen Your salvation with my own eyes.
Please take me home, Lord, as You promised.

This is a special Child you hold here.
People will divide over Him, their thoughts known,
Israel's glory will shine through Him,
And your own soul be pierced. 

        Simeon in the Temple

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: January 1, the Seventh Day of Christmas


In Honor of Those Who Have Nothing to Say
Most of us leave a legacy of words.
Some speak endlessly.
Others fluently
Or haltingly.
Some leave a legacy in what we do.
Surely Joseph said something over his lifetime,
but Scripture attributes no words to him.
He was a just man.
He considered the unpalatable options.
He heard the angel.
He obeyed.
He faithfully cared for those in his charge as long
as he drew breath.