Wordless Wednesday: My Art from Indy Decorative Artists' Retreat

While i attend the SDP annual conference, the guys will hold down the fort.  i thought this would be a good time to share the paintings i made at our retreat.
The calla lily on black and the pansies are Judy Ribitch's designs.  You can take a class from Judy at the SDP annual conference this week, as well as see more of her designs at the trade show.

Luna, the moth, was taught by Jeanne Collick.  (The blud butterfly was being sold by one of my fellow artists, though i'm uncertain whether it's her own work or not.  It sounded like she'd picked it up somewhere.  But i like it, & thought it matched sort of the Luna.
The sunflower was taught by our own artist, Suzie Schmitz. 
We had other classes, including a gourd chicken by Jeanne, and some cool projects by two other local members, Donna Harcourt, and Cindi Estesnot projects she taught this year!

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