Telephones & Talking

That evening, Boom pointed Cookie Monster's cookie, Cookie Monster's mouth, Cookie Monster's cookie, Boom's mouth. Message Received!  Boom wants a cookie, and he asked without words.

  Boom didn't talk until after he was two.  From the age many kids first talk, he never had any trouble expressing his needs  When he did really start,

he could carry on a decent conversation from the first.
  i guess he was just one of those who wanted to do it well, before letting anyone see/hear him.


  Max still has trouble talking.  While Boom could do a great phone conversation from an early age, i've had to give out my cell phone number as our main number.
  i truly prefer talking on the landline (when i need to use the phone at all!), but Max will answer that phone.  And never gets the message delivered.  Usually he'll say a word or two, then "Goodbye," and hang up.
 i'm pretty sure that was how i ended up with appointments with two hand surgeons on the same day last year.

 A week ago, i received on my cell phone one of those survey calls.  This was one i suppose we shouldn't mind taking: it was kinda from the insurance, wanting our opinion about services at a particular facility.
  But they asked for Max.
  And the call came in when i was ready to step into the shower - in other words, not dressed to bring the phone to Max.
  i wasn't sure what to tell the survey-taker.
  • "Do you really want Max, or his legal guardian?  i would be able to give you useful answers, and i doubt that Max will."
  • i could've given details about why i wasn't going to get Max now.  No, probably not.
  • i ended up sayiing he's not available just now.
  • And after i hung up, i thought, Maybe this is a time to give out our home number.  i don't want appointment calls on that, but Max does actually pick up that one, and if someone else does, anyone else who's picked up will get a phone to Max.
  Last night that actually happened.   MyGuy picked up the landline, brought the cordless to Max, and had it on the speakerphone when he handed it over.
  i wouldn't have thought of that last part.  Good move, MyGuy.
  Max heard the survey taker's pitch, then said "Good-bye."
  Hmmmm, i wonder if it was the same people who called today, with the same survey.  Max has never received one of these before.


  1. I know the story about when I started reading, but I don't think I ever heard about being late talking. That theory about wanting to get it right before I started publicly does sound very much like me though.

  2. Grandma's aunt was the same way. The story is, parents were concerned about her not wallking yet. Then her mother happened into the room to see her daughter walking beautifully. Then the daughter saw mom, and promptly sat down flat!

    1. shoot, it was Dad's aunt, your Grandma's sister, the same one whose car you had. Sorry.


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