Wordless Wednesday: Hand Thing Dec. 2015

The first two shots are within a day of my left carpal tunnel surgery,  a couple weeks ago.  i also wanted to show you the scar on my right hand from 7/2014, but i couldn't get a decent shot.  Not much to see anyway - it's just a thin, barely visible white line, maybe an inch long
So hard to shoot your own hand - thanks, Boom!

Remaining Stitches, 10 days later

Icky & Spidery; Itchy too
Stitches out today - Yay!  And joy, i get to bring in the new year by washing dishes & showering for the first time since.
This is the website i found after the first surgery, at just the time i needed it.  The blogger is much more thorough than i am, than my medical pros have been, about the personal, nitty-gritty aspects of what to expect. 
At one point she says, "Just having occasional twinges of unhappy feelings."  i was on the same postop day, and having MORE than occasional unhappy feelings!

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