Christmas 2015

JESUS is the Reason for the Season

  • Life got busy this year, what with a 3day sick headache preceding hand surgery, so no Christmas tree at our house.

  • However, we did finally put our clearance-sale Nativity scene up just in time for "Santa" to come.  Even without stockings.
  • It was great to have Boom home, from the day of my surgery until last week.  Thanks to Boom's employer for making it possible!  
  • Also on the lines of coming home for Christmas, all the grandkids on both sides were here.  That sort of thing gets difficult with the youngest experiencing college for the first time and the older ones nearing/past 30.  One nephew & wife even made it from California!
  • i should keep a notebook handy at all times.  At one point, Max said something totally unexpected and apropos.  And i have no idea what it was!  He is beginning to join in conversations more, though we at home do not usually see the relevance and length of responses his therapist gets, but this was a 3-5 word, gramatically correct sentence, nothing he's ever said before, and totally relevant.

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