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Do you need an ABLE account?

ABLE Accounts, which are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families, will be created as a result of the passage of the Stephen Beck Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014 or better known as the ABLE Act. The beneficiary of the account is the account owner, and income earned by the accounts will not be taxed. Contributions to the account made by any person (the account beneficiary, family and friends) will be made using post-taxed dollars and will not be tax deductible, although some states may allow for state income tax deductions for contribution made to an ABLE account.
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 i've recommended this often before; here's some items from the current newsletter:
supports at Indiana colleges - it names names!
Link to a survey to make your needs known
 History of Autism infographic - excellent!  The link takes you to a different company, because i couldn't figure out how to extract it from the IN*Source newsletter - part of the infographic tells us that the diagnosis rate has increased 120% between 2002 and 2010, from one in 150 to one in 68.   When Max was diagnosed in 1992, we were told the diagnosis rate was between 1 in 800 and 1 in 1,000.

An Update from Indiana on the disability world

 a four-page pdf newsletterdescribing the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA)/ Home and Community Based Services(HCBS) activities.

 About Special Kids

Another group i've recommended before, once more they've got stuff we need to be aware of.
This page tells us about upcoming events.  If you're more technologically inclined than i, you'll want to participate in their webinar on April 19.  Dr. Cathy Pratt, BCBA-D, Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, discusses how to best assess social skills of an individual and ideas for the development of social skills.
In their enewsletter, i also learned about national park passes, which are available free to disabled citizens meeting certain qualifications.  MyGuy & i also aren't far from qualifying for their $10/year senior pass.
There's a walk coming up too that may interest some of you.

Refurbished Tech

For  some time now i've been needing to find that place where you can donate your used computers so they can be refurbished for disabled people.  i think this is the address:
It's a geeky site, with a toolbar on the left which you hover over to show a clickable menu, which may or may not show another menu.

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