Nearly Wordless Wednesday: When Dogtoys Would Last

  Apparently a) dogs love to destroy these, and b) few people post photos of the destroyed hedgie.

  i couldn't find a photo of Puppers' destroyed hedgies (nasty things! but Puppers loved the destructed ones as much as intact ones), and i only found 3 or 4 sites on my search that offered such photos.
  Hedgie is the #1 "indestructible" toy on This is For My Dog.
  "Oz the Terrier" shares a photo of  his friend Bentley the Corgi with freshly destuffed hedgie.  (That looks pretty good compared to a lot that Puppers went through!)
  There's a lot of photos here, but it shows well pretty much the entire destruction process.
  Oh, and Puppers' first hedgie lasted a couple of years.  Then she got the hang of destroying them, and it took far less time.  When she got to the point of destroying them in single play sessions, she no longer got new ones.

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