Early 2017 Roundup re Max

Boom and Max

  Did you know
direct care is almost exclusively a female occupation?
  For a few months, we were able to have PAC for him with a wonderful young man, but "Buddy" had to give up the position.    He worked out well for us while we had him, we were sorry to see him go, and wish him well.
  The thing is, Max wants another man in the  position, and there don't seem to be any.  Guys do other things.  Our case manager has advised that we search for a different service, or recruit someone he already knows to take training and work with him.
  On the other hand, tutoring, music therapy, and life in general seem to be going well.  Max still enjoys yoga and is losing a little weight.
  We visited a new day service, still very small, and liked what we saw.  Max is communicating very well about what he wants - and doesn't want.  (Which doesn't mean that i have to ask the right questions in the right way, usually multiple choice....)  He thinks that, since he probably won't be able to have PAC with a guy, he would like this service or maybe more music therapy.
  We'll see.

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