Too Good to Be True

The envelope said, "$7000 to do with as you wish!"
Something for nothing? i hardly think so. . .

Inside, there was, indeed, a check. In not so small, but still easily overlooked type above it was a notice that "This is a solicitation to borrow money," something like that.
Hmmm. So is the check the loan, or an obligation to borrow some while the check is a gift, or....?
Something for nothing? This doesn't look right.
On page 2, with the terms and APY, tiny print at the end of a line told me that i would incur the loan the same day that i cash the check.
Yeah, right.
i couldn't shred that thing quickly enough.

Some of this information will be useful whereever you are.  If you wish to report a scam from somewhere else, however, you will need a different office. A quick search on something like, "Reporting scams in ......" should find what you need.

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