MidWeek Photos: Scrapbook Pages without Photos

Title Page

My sister insists that my handwriting is not good enough to do this sort of thing, but it would also work with computer journaling - and sometimes i really do bother with it! There are 4 sheets of paper here: the white, city-bordered left hand page, the black sheet which i've inserted into the center of it, the rainbow-edged right hand page, and the church card stuck on top of it.  Together, they show a night in the big city, followed by a rainy Sunday morning.

Here, stickers, various papers, a stamped Lipizzaner, and clippings from tourbooks describe a rainy day in Vienna.
1976, Hungary was behind the Iron Curtain, and everything felt weird.

Behind the Iron Curtain. After Dark.  Lost.  And we pick up a hitchhiker without a common language.  What WERE we thinking?

The orange is a copy of my journal for the trip; there are various tickets with the page decorations; to the left of the TWA boarding pass is my international drivers license, which i never used.

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