Autism, Special Needs, & Connecting in IN

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Where to Connect & Get Help in Indiana

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but i did want to get a variety of names and contact info out here.  Please leave a comment  if you find something i should list!

THE Group you need to be in touch with:
Family Voices Indiana is the state branch of a national group with a long history.  i only discovered them today (8/31/12)moved from Parent Organizations, 5/1/13

Parent Organizations: FUSE [s in east central Indiana, and have a newsletter.
IN*Source and ASK operate under federal grants.  i look at them as complementary:
My friend Sharon is an autism networker.  Mom of 3 on the specturm, she has an autism foundation, facebook page,  and a meetup group.
The Autism Society of America has local branches.  They sent out this link with a video tutporioal showing early shigns of autism. 
Some of you may have wondered what became of the annual Special Needs Family Information and Resource Fairat the Speedway United Methodist Church each April.  You will be happy to know it hasn't disappeared, just moved.  It's now in September at North United Methodist Church, 38th and Meridian, Indianapolis. Many of the same organizers and service providers are involved.  For more information, email Brooke Baker or call North UMC at 317-924-2612. In 2014, this will take place on Saturday, September 6, from 10am-2pm.

General Disability Organizations:
The Arc of Indiana works with self-advocates and families on personal, financial, and legislative levels to achieve better lives for all.
Here is The Arc's page of Disability Blogs.  You will find many of them on my main page, but i haven't gotten to them all yet.
Today 6/14/13  i learned that The Arc of Indiana has launched a new service, The Legal Network, to provide information to attorneys, judges and other practitioners in the legal field who have a family member with a disability or direct interest in a person or individuals with disabilities.You may contact The Arc for more information, or sign-up for this free information service here

Easter Seals  Crossroads, our Indianapolis/Central Indiana location
      Easter Seals' Developmental Milestones Screening Checklist
INQuiet Crisis is about the crisis in funding for our individuals with special needs of all kinds.
Sycamore Services , Noble of Indiana, and Easter Seals Crossroads do vocational services, and more.

Education  includes (Article 7)
Fresh Perspectives runs a nondenominational youth group and gives social skills classes & consultations for professionals.  Lisa and Denise are GREAT!

Autism Centers
Indiana Resource Center for Autism - serves statewide, has onine articles
      IRCA's article about the ARC of Indiana
The Logan Center is in South Bend, IN, but again has information for  anyone who comes:
The InterActiveAutism ResearchNetwork, allows families & researchers to link up.   Many articles here are useful for decisionmaking.

Legal Information
Indiana Lawyer blogs On Guardianship Law
Disability Legal Services is the firm associated with the lawyer who negotiated our guardianship of Max.

Here is a list of 30 top recommended autism spectrum blogs.   i notice that one of my blogroll, John Elder Robison, is top of the list.

Part of the umbrella group of IRCA (see above),  Early Childhood Meeting Place  has published online  several pages of pdf fact sheets that should start you well on your connections.

You might like to check out Standard Publishing's HeartShaper Curriculum.  While they do have a good to great line of Christian materials, they also offer a free  quarterly newsletter to download and have a blogtalk radio show, both about reaching and teaching children with special needs.

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