Not Exactly Wordless Wednesday - the View from Here

 This is actually my second attempt at blogging.  The first time around, i was sending in blog entries to the local paper about a specific issue.

 But it wasn't working for me.  They needed not only bloggers who cared passionately about the topic, which i do, but people who could elucidate solutions.
Make no mistake, we need folks who can formulate solutions.  God knows we need to make things better.

We have enough folks who can point out problems.

MyGuy points out remaining cindercone
at Pu'u Pua'i from 1959 eruption
i see my role differently.

Solutions need to be propounded by folks who have the big picture, in partnership with those who are in the thick of things daily.

i'm just on the edge of the big picture, but i'm very much involved with my own little piece.  

The big picture solution folks need input from folks like me, because all our little bits go together to make that big picture they are trying to hammer into place.

steam fumerole at Kilauea Caldera

The things i see from here are things you can never imagine.

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