Recycling DropOff

  MyGuy confessed that he was having trouble dropping off the old push mowers at the recycling place, since Saturday morning was the only time their hours interwove his availability.
  i asked, That's their only hours?
  He said, No, they're also open weekdays, but I'm kinda not available then.
  Then i opened my big mouth and said

i have a van, i'm available, i can do it.

   i have two strapping sons, also available during the day. No prob, right? 
   Well, Boom helped me load them - actually, did most of the work. Thanks, Boom!
  But by the time we could leave, he didn't have enough time before work to come too.  So it was just me & Max.
  And Max wanted to stay home. 
  So, ok, he'll be fine.  Not optimal, but as long as the house doesn't catch fire or the toilet overflow or a mass murderer come to the door, Max is fine.  Prefers it this way.

A word about loading up

  i keep too much stuff in the back of my van.  And a van isn't really optimal for carrying 2 gasoline push mowers and a third gasoline push mower engine.  But it worked.  The second mower had to be upside down.  MyGuy had drained the gasoline, but i'm not sure that that stuff ever drains completely.  He'd warned me to put them on plastic.
  The car smelled like gas the whole way.  Good thing the weather was nice.  i had all my windows open.


Google maps in  hand, off i go.

  First off, i had to redraw the route, because Google wanted to send me all the way across town on I70.  Can't do that just now.
  Then, planning to go south around I465, i got on heading north.  Well, not too much problem - i knew by the time i got to I70 that i needed my windows  open & did not want them open while i was on the highway.
  So i headed for Raymond Expressway, planning to go across town on it to Keystone.
  Then i lost South Keystone.

Well, Rural Street picks it up

and that will surely get me to 22nd street.  It did.
  Is anyone familiar with these streets?  i knew them by name - my dad worked the district back in the 60s when he was Indiana Bell cable repairman, though i did not know them personally. 
  Let me say that i was driving through neighborhoods a lot different from where i live.  Not a complaint, just unfamiliarity.  Part of the not my comfort zone afternoon.

Recycle Company

  This is a place that gets to business.  i'm sure it works very well - if you know what's going on.   i was clueless.
  Everywhere i went was the wrong place.  Signage was not much help.  If the street sign was there, i missed it - and i was looking.  Of course, there are big trucks.  Not seeing anywhere else to go, i got in their parking lot. 
  The sign said this wasn't the place, but wasn't particularly helpful in indicating what WAS the place.  i asked an employee on her break.  She was friendly, and the directions she gave, while not inspiring certainty, were good enough to get me there. 
  i parked, asked if my mowers were the drive-through recycling (on a less off-kilter day, i would've simply assumed they were), & followed the directions to drive in.  No one seemed to be inclined to give directions.  Eventually i was directed to a particular spot, and later a bin was parked behind my van.  The forklift driver asked if i needed help unloading.  i said yes - didn't ask if he wanted my help or if i should stay out of the way - & we unloaded.  Eventually my stuff was weighed, and later someone noticed me standing around and said to bring my ticket to the stand. 
  What ticket?  What stand?  i found out - it was behind the line i wasn't supposed to cross, but had to step over to talk to the clerk - and when i got there, i was asked for my ID.
  Took me a moment to realize he meant my license, not something i had been issued there.  Yes, i have it - in the car.  He took the ID, wrote on a ticket, and told me to take it to the window. 
  i saw a glass booth, but no window.  He said i could leave my car or move it closer.  i walked, but the window was elusive.  Finally i saw a sign telling me that i only had to knock once - ah, the window!  Waist high, on a 45degree incline, yessirree. 
  Two and a half gasoline pushmowers are worth $12.96 as scrap metal.

Findin Local Recycling

 Here's where we looked:
And the place i took the mowers to.
Really, if my experience was suboptimal, it was as much other factors as them.  Check out their website - good work, and hard at it too.  If you're reading this elsewhere in the US, Indianapolis isn't their only location.

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