VocRehab Report, Medicaid Hearing & Stock Sale, Maybe

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VocRehab Report

  i think MsTutor summed it up: Makes you want to cry.  It doesn't look like Max will ever be likely to likely to hold competive employment, even with many helps.  i know you paint the picture as bad as you can without lying, but  it's very discouraging.  One part, i'm not sure how it technically translates, but it looks to me like "115% chance of autism."
  Knew that.

Medicaid Hearing

Will He or Won't He?

  As Max's guardians and authorized representatives, we didn't need to bring Max.  The guidelines for the hearing described the need to behave calmly and not make undue noise.  Max is in a vocal stimming phase just now. Sit for the duration without undue noise?  Probably not.
  But the hearing was about him, so i wrote an explanation:  It could be long.  It would probably be boring.  It was about his money.  Would he like to come or let Mom & Dad handle it?
  At first he wanted to come.  Then he insisted NO.
  We walked out for the newspaper, then he was thrilled to wave goodbye.  PBSKids was a more interesting way to spend the morning.
  Sigh of relief.  i couldn't have left him if he wanted to come, but. . . .

Arrival & Fellow Patron

  We arrived at 8; there were morning hearings and afternoon hearings.  One lady arrived before us.  She seemed calm and confident.  She told me that her income was well under the limit, but they had denied her and her son because she worked two jobs.  Rules required the initial denial.  (Huh?)

Where's Max?

  So MyGuy and i came in second.  There was the judge and her computer, and the phone with the agency rep & her computer on the other end.
  Judge explained that we were Max was over the threshold of resources, and there was nothing to be done about that.  We agreed, but presented the requested two folders of documentation showing  that we HAD complied with requests for information.
  No one looked at the documents.  However, in the course of discussion, the agency rep did something on her computer, she knew not what, and discovered the disputed documentation.
  We left with an apology and admission that we were correct, we were not in noncompliance.
  So, did we waste everyone's time & the state's money?  i suspect state rep will not make a move to correct the records.  But the judge knows that something, at least two somethings, are not right.  Which was our point.

Stock Sale Update

  Max's troublesome stock, the resource which puts him over, is in Disney corporation's hands to be sold.  When we have the check, the plan is to open an ARCII Trust, which will allow us some breathing room in spenddown.  Not to mention its actually being a USEFUL resouce, instead of a cute albatross.

In Touch and Out of Touch

  Lots of people to check with about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, classes ongoing and coming up.
  Overwhelmed mom retreats into books.
Thanks for sticking with me.

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