Not Quite My First Memory

Actually, what i first remember is looking THROUGH those slats.  You can see just from this photo that lots of things are different these days.  No, i was NOT a climber!
  i am moving this photo from another place on this blog.  No, you won't have seen it before.
  For some time, i've been working on a PAGE (those links across the top) that's about me.  This photo was on it, but i hadn't gotten the words just right.
  You see, it's been bothering me that the post about what i'm doing is getting twice as many hits as anything else i write.  So it's going to go away and become a PAGE.  Which means i'll use that photo on the post (this is a post) and not the photo here.
  Because i understand you want to know where i'm coming from & who i am, but i don't want you to miss what i'm doing here.
 This blog is about showing you a whole person in a family.  Yes, my son has autism and severe communication needs.  i write about him and dealing with his issues as often as i can, but i cannot live just there.  There is more to me than Autism Mom.  So here you will see my attempts at art, my thoughts on education and the world around us, my faith.
  The post about what i've been doing, sometimes called General Overview of My Life, is going to go away.  Instead, i will place its content, in its entireity with a bit extra, in a new PAGE.  That way, you can find out what you want about me more easily.
  And i promise not to mind so much if you mess up the stats on my PAGES instead of my POSTS.
  Thanks for coming here!

A Nod to a Fellow Blogger

  i follow a fair number of blogs, many publicly, some privately.  That doesn't mean, though, that i always read every word of every one, though i almost always scan it as it comes in or read them in binges.
  So when i saw the picture of Pikachu, i thought i'd give this one a miss.
  Bad idea.

Saturday Sisters: Royalty

Do you have the life you want?
Either way, yes or no, how are you responding?
  They both married the king, but that didn't mean their lives were perfect.  


Max and Boom, waiting our turn for minor car repairs, after a Christmas program
  Like most young men, my boys have grown up wanting to drive a car.  They have different impediments to doing so, but

Max's Last Semester

  Max's anxiety at school is increasing.  Since i've been picking him up an hour early on one day for tutor or speech, we've decided to do it all five days, and now have tutor 3 days.  i think this will help, but we still have the rest of the semester.  And mom needs to do the Medicaid/waiver paperwork - yes, the Medicaid form filled out years ago is AWOL and needs to be redone. 
   Mom has a bit of anxiety too.  Escapism - too many novels.  
  But yesterday we three - Max, Boom, and i - went bowling on the day off school.  The photo is our scorescreen.  None of us, obviously, is any good.  Max had the best score, and worst style.  i think we had fun though.  Next we had lunch at Fazoli's, always a favorite, and then off to the tutor, where Max got to bake brownies.  Measurements!  Math!  Tutoring is relaxing for him, compared to school.

Sunday Doodle

As a night person, Sunday morning church can be a challenge for me.  Sometimes i do this sort of thing.  Far from a distraction, it helps keep my mind on the lesson.  i'm not so elaborate during the sermon, but in Sunday school, i can have all these pens on the table.  Maybe it surprises my classmates (or not so much any more) but i am more alert and less drowsy when i'm doing this sort of thing.  There's no plan to it; just write what's being said at the time.
Today's text was Colossians 3:5-17.

A Way to Study

Life is extra crazy just now, so i'm polishing up a draft i wrote last month.
  This weekend sometime in January we turned a lot of stuff out looking for our checkbook.  It had gone missing about the middle of last month December, and we just noticed it Sunday.*
  Fortunately i found it yesterday.  This sort of thing doesn't happen often, but it's not unique.

Follow-Through is Important!

The conversation continues. . . .

   In my post Still Trying to Crack the Math Nut i mentioned Max's progress report from school, that seemed to show no progress, and said i would be talking with his teacher.
  We've been talking.  Through no fault of either of ours, it hasn't been easy.

What Are They? Ice Circles!

   That's what i call them, anyway.  It's the frozen water from this bowl.
  When the weather is as cold as it has been mid January this year, it's hard to keep the pets' outside water liquid.  When we dump it for fresh, we need to go inside for the liquid, but usually leave the ice in the yard.
 Here are the photos from January 30th's Wordless Wednesday that i asked ya'll to submit guesses as to what they are.