With detailed directions and supervision, Max likes to build.
  But he can't take the frustration of things falling apart under his hands. 
  We've had some of those press-out wooden kits.  He received an Eiffel Tower one on Christmas Eve, then built Christmas morning before the rest of us got up, all 4' of it, and by the second week of January destroyed because he was tired of fixing it.  The antique car, we haven't been able to finish.  We can't keep the pieces together long enough.  Not worth the cost.
  When i found a Lego Eiffel Tower, Max was interested, but by the time we were ready to purchase, the store didn't have it any more.  But they did have Big Ben, which Max also likes, so i got that.
   i helped Max sort the pieces by type into an old candy box.  i turned the pages of the 60 page instruction book for him. 
  But Max found and assembled the pieces.  We did it in three sessions of about an hour each.  It turned out there were six extra parts, one of which was actually the same as the one we couldn't react between the couch cushions.
 He wants to do this again.

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