Nip It, Nip It, Nip It: A Cautionary Tale

  Ya gotta love Barney Fife.  He's always
excited about somethng.
  Usually something that no one needs to be excited about, like that twenty-yeard old case whose resolution Sheriff Poindexter  forgot to record.  Nearly tore Mayberry apart, when people recalled it had happened.
  But Barney was usually right, in his nit-picking way.  The previous sheriff should have written the resolution in the record (it would've contained words like "mediation" and "dropped charges").  And Andy better've put something like that in the record of the NEW case that wouldn't have happened if Barney hadn't just had to know.


  i knew i should've taken photos of my sore foot from the California trip.
  i hated looking at the ugly thing, but it was facinating in the way ugly things can be.
  It is healed now, but, i find out, in reasearching a condition for a family member, these things usually DON"T heal quickly.
  i had a pressure sore.  It had a deep weepy open wound, surrounded by a black bubbly scab that covered most of the top of my foot.  My link shows only diagrams, but if you use the term to search images, you'll find some horrifying pictures.

My Point Is (Part 1)

  This developed VERY quickly.   i acquired mine in six hours' time.  Yes, the shoe was  new.  Yes, it was laced too tightly (pressure) in high heat (moisture).
  But the shoe shouldn't have been like that.  It was fitted by a professional.  i had worn it, while not exclusively, for a week, including for 12 hours three days before, which included a cross country flight, 7 hours from gate in to gate out.  i never noticed the shoe was too tight in that spot until i put it on again after the healing was well along.

  Before the injury, the pressure was not noticable.
  Extreme condiitons develop injury.
  Injured tissue injures more readily .

My Point Is (Part 2)

 quick, consistent action.
  Because my sore was on the top of my foot, it was impossible to avoid seeing.  i took care of it right away.  Usually these wounds are in places that don't see the light of day.  With assiduous attention (antibacterial gels)  and leaving it exposed to air (sandals, not even letting pants legs brush the surface), it healed in roughly a month.
  My relative spends most but not all her time in a wheelchair.  She does her own self care and did not know she had such a sore.  She couldn't see it; no one else had reason to look there.
  Hers is requireing more intensive interventions: stronger meds, longer time, a special bed, a technology applied 24/7.
  She recommends "Do anything possible to not get one of these."
  For sure.  Really.  Pressure sores can be hard to prevent However, putting information in places expected and unexpected can help, like the sherriffs including the resolution to their noncase.  So, in the hopes of helping someone who's not looking for the specific topic , i offer this.

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