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Boom comments on my note to his brother:

Regular vs Honors Courses

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The "parking ticket" thing came from a teacher explaining why they separate students: the lower level courses get the students who are more interested in complaining about stuff like that than in participating in the work. (I also took regular level Economics and Government in my senior year because I didn't think I could handle a higher-level rigor with my three other AP classes, and not only did I never encounter this, but my Government teacher taught me some life-changing things beyond the scope of the class)*

Those comprehension questions are obviously simplified for (Max), but it still indicates a lower level of work than Honors actually did. It does pretty much describe Honors-level grammar though:
  •  This is what a participle is. 
  • Identify the participles! 
  • Write some sentences with participles! 
This was ninth grade Honors English.

A Problem with Honors Courses, in One Student's Experience 

The main problem with Honors-level classes was that we were told that this was what college was going to expect of us, and then they taught us the exact opposite of what college courses were going to want.*  "Keep your nose down and do your work. All of your assertions had better be backed up with a citation, which means no original thoughts."
*Anyone want to hear Boom expand on these things?  

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