Pilling Puppers

  A quick Google search shows "about 10,700 results" for that  only-funny-if-it's-not-you story about giving a cat a pill.
  The best ones end with a line about how to give a pill to your dog: wrap it in the dog's favorite food.
        Or any food.
              Or just toss it.
  Puppers has usually been like that, until
last night.
  The latest blood results at her senior biannual showed we need to change her prescription food, and start giving Vitamin E.
  Amazingly, she can take the same gelcap i take.
  i offered it with her two other pills, which she likes.
  Nothing doing.
  i offered the others separately.
  Okay.  She accepted them.
  Gelcap?  What do you think you're trying to foist on me?

Wrap it in Cheese

  So i punctured the pill, and wrapped it in a sliver of cheese.
  OOOOOH!  Cheese!  And great greasy oily stuff!   Where have you hidden this all my life?
  Where's the next one?
  And tonight's dose . . . . i punctured and placed, with no cheese, on top of her dinner.  She carried it into the living room to enjoy.
  And ten minutes later decided that, well, if that's all of the great greasy oily stuff there's gonna be, it must be time for dinner.

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