speech update, September '15

Blurry Max Karaoke
Maybe i make things too hard on myself about this Medicaid thing.
  We have two numbers.  One denied, the other modified.
  First they came in April, after we lost our speech therapist.
  After putting The Call on my agenda for weeks, i kinda forgot about it.  We weren't getting speech anyway just then.
  Then we got two more letters, with the same two numbers and decisions, with two different dates at the end of August.
  i didn't know what was going on.
  i signed a paper for our new therapist's office, saying that we would pay Max's bill if Medicaid denied us.  The receptionist said it may not go through in time to come next week, but she was sure it would come through.
  And i finally made myself make The Call.
  Let me say here that everyone i've spoked to in the aid process has been minimally polite, and usually extremely sympathetic and helpful.  It's just getting to the right person which is the problem.  And the website is far less than helpful.
  Anyway, the lady i got this time finally found the second paper.  She said the number that was being denied was a bad number, and, as the back of my letter said, "modified" = accepted. 
  We're good to go for the next few months, with all the sessions we wanted.  (once a week, though we could have greater improvement with twice a week, not gonna happen.)
  And the new therapist is great.
  Max is definite that he wants to keep going to her, though he'd prefer she not work him so hard.
  Like there would be any progress at all if she, and we, did not push him.

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