Saturday Sisters: Miriam


Exodus 2:1-9, 15:20,21; Numbers 12

    Miriam could say she knew the great man "when."  She was the one who, when Moses was a doomed baby, matched him with Pharoah's daughter so that he could survive and be educated as an Egyptian prince.   Meanwhile, Miriam continued to serve God in her slavery, both while Moses was prince and when he was an exiled shepherd. 
    It must have seemed only right to her to serve alongside her brother.
    And to offer him criticism.  Constructive criticism, of course.  For his own good, and for the nation's.
     What went wrong here? 
Don't think of yourself more highly than you should.  Be reasonable when you think about yourself.  Keep in mind the amount of faith God has given you.   --Romans 12:3b. NIrV

God gave Miriam great gifts, but she forgot that she wasn't the only gifted one, 
or the only one loved by God.

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