Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Colored Pencil Obsession

My Post about Triads

Generally i'm not much for the tins.  Mine usually fall open & even when they don't, the pencils rattle around.  But, while i wanted to put the original sketching pencils from this tin into an elastic case,i wanted to keep using this tin that actually works like it should.

Some of these pencils are 30 years old+. However, others are quite new.  They do get used up!  i seldom purchase sets, but rather individual pencils.  
My personal preference seems to be a somewhat harder and thinner pencil than many seem to like.

If you're interestd in the zipper and band cases like mine, Tran and Global are two nice brands that i use.  They're available at lots of places, and a search for elastic band pencil cases gives you more options as well.  i think mine have come from Hobby Lobby and  Artistic Designs Gallery, where i take art classes.

A Nice Colored Pencils Guide, from EBay

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