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   i've been so busy living with the changes in my life, i haven't shared what they are.
   Max no longer has day service with Company A.  We're working on new things to do with the hours/funding.  (and i need to be finished here so i can make more telephone calls to that effect. .  .)
  Anyway, since he is no longer at the day service, his behavior consultant came by yesterday to brainstorm with us on what her place in the scheme of things now is, & some things we can do to help Max behave as we/he want(s).
  i thought i'd share this article i just came across.  While i haven't used exactly the formats the writer has, we have used all these tips.  They really do help.
Autism Speaks article: 5 Tips that Helped Improve My Child's Behavior

Here's the full address, without shortcut words:

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