Words on Wednesday: Recent Reading

Just a few quick statements:

Agatha Christie:  always enjoyable; i think i like reading books i've read before because at least in theory, i can put them down more easily  

  • Poirot Loses a Client is often known as Dumb Witness (as in, the dog can't tell what he knows); An Overdose of Death is also called The Patriotic Murders.  They're also some of the first Agathas i purchased, in the late 1970s.
  • Spider's Web was originally a play.
  • The Monogram Murders was written by someone else, authorized by the Christie estate.  i enjoyed it, but it was somewhat like watching a Miss Marple movie where Angela Lansbury or Helen Hayes, or Peter Ustinov is playing the sleuth: a fun character, but not the one you expected.
  •  Room was a book club selection a few years back, the adult women's book club that seems currently in permanent hiatus.  i didn't want to read the book the first time, and i may not read it again, it's so chilling in some ways.  However, the narrator, five year old Jack, makes the book enjoyable, indeed, endurable.  And i do want to see the movie.
  • Quiet Impact: A Creative Introvert's Guide to the Art of Getting Noticed  i found this book through subscribing to his blog.  i participated in the survey he quotes in this introduction.  Maybe not the greatest book ever, but very good, i'm glad i read it.  There's useful tips in it, and, again, a fun read.  
  • Love Walked In, by Marisa dos Santos.  Another selection from that same book club.  Lots of surprises in this book.  A happy ending for all, except for the guy who supposedly was going to be the love interest, who looks to me like he could be an autistic adult.  So, enjoyable despite this character, but the way he exits the story strikes a sour note.  
  • And i finally got around to reading The Five Love Languages.  i love personal stories and taking assessment quizzes.  And i can see why it's been so popular for so long.

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