Quiz! Who was Russia's Last Tsar?

A) Alexander III
B) Ivan the Terrible
C) Nicholas II
D) Michael Romanov

  Well, not Ivan! Centuries before, his cruel excesses helped usher in the Romanov dynasty.
  And, in my humble opinion, Alexander III was the last tsar who had a clue. Not that any of the tsars would have won our wholehearted, 21st century approval.
  You may be thinking, "Michael Romanov was the FIRST Romanov tsar."  Yes, but a different Michael Romanov was the last tsar.
  Well, sorta kinda.  At least, he was, technically speaking. Or might have been. He never actually ruled.
 Michael's brother Nicholas II, the clueless one, decided to abdicate in his brother's favor, lest his son be separated from himself and the rest of the family.
  (Actually, that may have been the best clue Nicholas ever had.)

  I'm on a big Russian history kick right now thanks to Extra History's current series of videos on Catherine the Great.
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