Help for an Activist Friend

  MyFriendSharon has more energy than most people i know.  Her 3 kids, now young adults, are all on the autism spectrum. 

  This arrived in my email this morning.  Check it out!

Please forward to friends who would be willing to click ADD TO MY FAVORITES heart on eBay - there is a direct link on to our eBay for Charity page.  I struggle each time I have to get online votes. 

This is an opportunity to help us support the special needs community. Not just local, not just autism.

Adriana and Noah participated in Powerlifting this year and have continued on with a trainer at Force Barbell - we will be bringing Unified Sports Fitness Club to Hamilton County starting with our Make A Difference Day event on October 28.

We moved to Fishers, Indiana from Avon, Indiana this year as they now communicate with facilitated communication and they have assistance at Hamilton Southeastern High School.  We are helping others find their voices by supporting FC groups such as Saved By Typing, Optimal Rhythms/Access Academy and others!  I use my eBay listings to tell people about facilitated communication and to let people know what we are doing!

A lot going on and this is an easy way to help support others.  All funds donated from community sellers go back to the community.  Funding comes in monthly from our eBay sellers - the more funds raised, the more groups or individuals we can support!  The contest is a great way to find more sellers to support us and would be awesome to win!

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