Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: 2017 Indy Decorative Artists Quilt

  If you got into the Women's Building at last month's Indiana State Fair, you may have seen our quilt in its first public outing.
  The quilt
is king-size, with 30 handpainted squares.  This year, there's even some of mine on it.
  As i've said elsewhere on this blog, the quilt is the annual fundraiser of Indy Decorative Artists, a chapter of the international Society of Decorative Painters.  For $1.00, or 6/$5.00, you may buy a ticket for a chance at owning the quilt.  Half the proceeds, we keep, for art seminars and training, and the other half goes to Riley Hospital for Children.  Normally they use their gift to purchase equipment with names we can't pronounce!
  If anyone wants to know more, leave a comment or email me.  i've got a version of my email somewhere on the homepage, with the word dot for the dots in it, but i'll put it here also, same format. 
  my last name dot my first name dot my first name dot at gmail dot com
  i'm sure all of are computer-savvy enough to figure it out, or at least have a friend who is. 

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