The Power of Breath

   Lately i've been consumed with the concept of breath.
   God breathed on His newly created humans, and they became living beings.
   In the book of Ezekiel, the dry bones grew flesh again, but they didn't live until God's prophet called for the winds to enter them as breath.
   After His resurrection, Jesus breathed on His disciples and bade them to receive the Holy Spirit, who later came as wind and fire.
   On a more mundane level, what is the difference between a horse with no name and a horse who is a beloved friend?  Between a kennel dog and a beloved pet?  i rather think it's breath. 

   My own dog enjoys all the priveleges of a spoiled pethood, but she sure gets "uppity" if i get too busy to "breathe" on her, to spend time with her.  She deserves it all, but doesn't want to give me anything.
   After all, i've let her have things her own way, so why shouldn't it continue like that?
   Maybe it's about slowing down & being present in our own lives.  Inour families' lives.
   The Hawaiians have the concept of breath.  If you are not a native Hawaiian, you are haole, no breath, though some will admit that not all haoles are no-breath.   
   Whether here or in the land of Aloha, it's hard to slow down and find your breath,  but we miss opportunities if we don't.  Like the father in the Cat's in the Cradle song, the child has grown up.  A dog's life is so short.
  And that only scratches the surface of what we can miss when we hurry around breathlessly.
   Breath.  It's underrated.

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  1. What a great reminder to slow down and take a deep breath!


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