Some Thoughts about Getting Along

  It's not always easy.  
  The strangest things happen on the way to harmony.
  Or maybe disharmony.  Dustups WILL happen.
  But you really do have to keep trying, putting yourself out there, being open.  If Person A doesn't get the job done, go to Person B.  i often go to them both at the same time (copy emails to both, NOT blind copy).
  There's enough surprises without finding you've emailed stuff to someone you really, really needed to not say THAT to.  
  The hard conversations, they really need to be face to face.  Not over the phone or electronically.  i love email, but if you're bent out of shape & don't want to see the person, that's probably when you most need to see them.
  And those dustups, there're not the problem, large they may be.
  It's how you work through them, and keep the lines of communication open, even though you disagree on just about everything.
Life can degenerate into a catfight if we just throw slogans at each other.


  1. So true! Thanks for sharing this insightful post...sometimes we create worse problems when we put off doing the hard things in the right way!

  2. Great advice! Catfights don't do anyone any good :)


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