Disruption of Routine

  In preparing to leave for the PTA convention today, i needed to be downstairs at a time i'm usually in bed.
  This did not suit routine-oriented, early-riser Max.
  i have in fact not seen him this morning, but i've heard plenty of grumblings and complaints.
  When he first came downstairs, i was actually in the laundry room, putting yard sale stuff to drop off at the Relay for Life sale on the washer, aka "The Launchpad."
  i heard him in the living room.
  "Oh No!"
  i said  i would go to the car, be back in, and leave shortly.
  And Max returned up the stairs.
  i moved the boxes to the car, and he headed back down.  Obviously, you see, i had left.
  But while i was in the kitchen, there was more grumbling on the stairs.  That Mom - why can't she get with the program?
  Then, ultimate indignity, i returned up the stairs.
  And he went back down.
  Now that i've printed more of my contact cards & double checked the location of the sale, i will get out of here.
  Wonder how he'll handle this disruption?
  It will at least be the final one.
  For today.  Dad & Boom are far more predictable.

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