Saturday Sisters: Rahab

Hebrews 11:31

  Some things you can't ever live down.
  Ever feel that way?

Here's the deal.

  Israel was nervous.
  There had been this fabulous victory at the mighty city of Jericho, but the warriors of the tiny town of Ai put their fighting men to flight.
  And the word of the LORD said it was because of sin in the camp?
  Surely the obvious solution was that shady lady those spies had brought in.
  These people knew The Rules. 

Rahab wonders.

  She's thirsted for God most of her life.  She heard of the power of this God who thunders on the mountain and moves water to take care of His people.
  And now, she's laid everything on the line, without guarantee of anything in return, and been allowed to join the Chosen People.
  She knew she hadn't been perfect before their laws.  Could she possibly be the evil that's being talked about?

Another Ordeal

  The rest of Joshua 7 describes how the sin was discovered in the nation - not Rahab the Different One, the Sinner, but one of their own.  Someone who had coveted, a small sin.  This is not pleasant reading.  Sin does not have pleasant consequences.
  Did Rahab ever know that her faith, her willingness to throw her lot in with God, was greater than that shown by Israel's forefather Jacob?  Rahab acted boldly without knowing whether the spies would help her or not.  Jacob had been given God's direct promise of land, numberless descendants, and blessing, and he responded:

What she couldn't have known

  was her legacy.
  No one ever forgot her past.  When Matthew remembers her in his genealogy of Christ (chapter 1), he remembers her former profession.  Even in the Faith Hall of Fame, she is remembered both for her faith and for her scandalous career.
  Actually, if you look more closely, most of the people in the Faith Hall of Fame were more remarkable for their weaknesses than their strengths. . . .

What's in it for you & me

  God takes us as we are. 

  Did Rahab remain a prostitute?  Well, Scripture plainly forbids sexual activity outside marriage.  The RuleKeepers she came to live with would have been especially careful to enforce those rules with someone who would always be an Outsider. For her to have become respected, it would not have been possible. (She may not have found that as difficult as you & i might have.  Look where she was where we first met her.)

Nothing is new under the sun.  But under the Son, everything is new.

  Some things we just can't shake.  People will remember what we don't want them to.
  But praise God, we can be His anyway!

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