A Blogpost About Blogging

 Just before beginning this post, i had to delete a comment asking about SEO.
 It was pure spam, anonymous, & unrelated to the content of the post it was attached to, but the question was valid.
 i'm not going to tell you about Search Engine Optimization.   If you want to reach an online following, you need be aware of it, but i'm not the person to ask.  There are tons of better sources out there.
  What i am going to tell you is

Some of What i'm Trying to Do Here.

  1. First of all, i'm trying to tell an authentic story, ours, one that i hope you will connect with.  For some, it will be a "Yeah, that's where I am," story, and for others, i hope to  help you see what's behind the kid with the funny noises and other incomprehensible occurances.
  2. Second, i want to be consistent in voice and post regularly.  i don't seem to be able to keep to a single topic, but i want to always sound like the same person and to show up with a frequency you can sort of rely on, even if you can't set your clock by me.  When i noticed that i was having to modify some of what i wanted to say to stay with the tone i wanted to keep, i started a second public blog, just to keep the consistency.  If God blesses me to continue the output, i may spin out more separate sites to keep things separated.
  3. Somethng that you won't be able to see is the time i take in creating each post.  While every post could use more refinement, i do want the words to be right.  (Who said,  "Art is never finished - we only find good places to quit.") My Scripture references and other links are not at the tips of my fingers.  If i reference an article, that means i've minimally skimmed it, almost always read it entirely, and usually checked out  3-24 other articles besides.   This post has taken an hour and a half, from opening the Create Entry page to this present moment, and there will be at least another half hour before i'm finished, almost certainly requiring storage as a Draft.*  Currently i have 48 Draft posts in various stages.  Likely an equal number of posted ones have remained in Draft for days, weeks, or months while i gather research or just let them ripen.  (For example, the one about reading science books was in draft for about six months.)
Thanks for stopping here.  And the fact that i don't want to publish spam comments doesn't mean i don't want to hear from you - please email or leave a comment!
 My points are inspired by article on Copyblogger.com, Make Your Readers Love You: 5 Lessons from Pixar
* Yes: 15 min of work after those words, another half hour now, when i returned 6 hours after beginning.  According to the browsing history, i looked at 23 online articles to choose the Pixar and quote references.  This does not count another 6 articles i looked at for my own unrelated informational purposes, nor time to reference my own blogs & create the word art.   Footnote sentences alone have taken another 15 minutes, tracking down information and cleaning up typos, and there's no guarantee i got them all!   Update: another 15,20 minutes of editing Sunday afternoon.  i will often, but not always, check one of my posts one or more times after publication.  i want YOU to have the best product, and i want to improve my own writing!

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