A Must-Read Book

  i would not say this is a book that has highly influenced my life, but it could yours.
  i found Everyday Matters, by Danny Gregory too late for that.
  This is for anyone who:
  • loves another person
  • loves NYC
  • enjoys making art
  • wants to make art
  • thinks they can't make art.
  After a cataclysmic event in his family's life, Gregory takes up pen and pencil and, for the first time, begins to draw.
  He finds it life-saving.
  Does he draw well?
  Sometimes. Like ANY of us, the artwork is better when he's been doing it regularly.
  And you can almost always read his handwriting too.
  Nothing intellectual about this book, i promise, just a simple, honest, painful and ultimately hopeful human story. 

  i got my copy from the library, and it's going back soon, but when i move on to Creative License:Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are, well, i think i'll have to go straight to purchasing it.

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