Five Weeks Later

  To my best count, our recent computer troubles began.
  At first,
it was just the spilled orange juice.  i don't think the oj made it to the cpu, but who knows.  i'd been getting messages for a month or more about the capacity of the computer was being overtaxed, but MyGuy, the quarter centure computer pro/home sysadmin, kept telling me he didn't know what it meant and it shouldn't mean anything.  (This is the same man who tells me to try anything - you can't break the computer -- then sometimes i break it spectacularly, & he tells me that isn't possible.)
  Then the computer got to the point that it would take a half hour to let me see one email from two days before.
  i stopped using it.  
  My photos are there.  My little word art in Paint is there.
  MyGuy did a complete backup somewhere around this time, and apologized for not doing this regularly.  We saved most stuff.  i came back & deleted some unnecessary things but still couldn't use it really.
  i've been getting by with iPad (still hate it - Max can't get any benefit from it if i can't use it fluently) and the master bedroom computer, which MyGuy would like to keep for his own.
  The word processing program hasn't worked for me on this one.  He told me today it's working again, though i haven't had a chance to check.
  Hopefully by the end of the week he will have had a chance to work all of his magic on the other one (new disc, and i'm not sure what all actual work done & checked - i'm just a tool user, & he's fitting it around his dayjob & other responsibilities).  
  But i can keep up with the blog, and email, first gmail and this week Boom showed me how to have The Main Account come into gmail (over 200 messages accumulated - THANKS GUYS!)
  When i get the other one back, which may have a new name, there will be photos & artwork again.
  Thanks for bearing with me. 

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